[Theme of November 'BTS'] Jimin, the Legend Maker
[Theme of November 'BTS'] Jimin, the Legend Maker
  • Cha Min-joo (Content Producer)
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  Heroes of Greek and Roman Mythology or other origin myths are found to overcome the difficulties they faced with their special power and indomitable spirit to save the nation or make great achievement. Only those who conquer challenges with their abilities and continuous efforts can be the heroes of ancient mythology.

  Life of BTS’s Jimin reminds me of the lives of heroes overcoming obstacles with an unbeatable spirit and hard work. Jimin is not satisfied with getting over hardship but keeps aiming high and works to reach the goal, writing a success story like the heroes in mythologies. Now I get to write about Jimin because he is a member of world-renowned boy band BTS, but I am certain that he would have successfully made a legend even if he had not been in the band. 

  Jimin is the very last member to join BTS. He was a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment for only about 6 months before joining the band, and he almost got cut to be selected as the member 8 times. However, at every crisis, he worked desperately hard and surprised everyone with an improvement beyond expectations, and finally made it into BTS. Even after he debuted, he has not stopped working to improve himself, being the first to come to the practice room and the last to leave it. 

  He once said in an interview that he wanted to show how powerful assiduous working could be, and what result it could bring. 

  There are a number of words to explain artist Jimin, but the most characteristic one would be ‘hard-working’ as he mentioned. As a student, he was the top of his class when entering Busan High School of Arts which was known for its many talented students. It must have been his hard work that placed him at the top. He got to be recognized as a dancer not so much because he was a born-to-be dancer as because he worked so hard to the extent that he went to bed doing the splits. He has tenaciously pursued his goal since he was a trainee, being called a ‘hard-worker’ by the people around him. He has never been complacent but done his very best till he reaches the goal he set, and that is what makes his life almost an epic.

  A mythology is about social consciousness shared by the people of different countries or ethnicities. Defeating the evil with good will and getting over difficulties through hard work is the archtype of the heroic tales of a mythology. In this sense, I would say Jimin is turning his life into a heroic tale of a mythology, aiming high and standing up to challenges. 

  When he was once asked ‘what if he faced something he couldn’t make it even with hard work?’, Jimin said, “I believe the stress I would get from it won’t be got rid of until I make it. So, I just keep working hard and make it. If I want to show something about me, I have no choice but to do my1 best.”
  Watching a film, people get to have faith in the heroes who will not be defeated by hostile circumstances and make it after all. Likewise, Jimin seems to have faith in his own life and not to give up working hard. Heroes in mythologies possess extraordinary power whereas Jimin lacks such superhuman power. Instead, he is outstanding, unwearied and fierce in working strenuously.

  Jimin with such attitude on life has been a positive role model for the fans around the world. His fans want to be like him in working hard and defeating the challenges in life. I believe each fan will be the role model for oneself and write a legend of each as Jimin has done so far. That way, BTS, and Jimin in particular, are having good influences on the world. 

  Jimin said at a meet and greet held in Seoul in 2019, “I don’t think I ever had a role model. Once I was thinking about it, and decided that it didn’t have to be someone else. I just hope that I will be the role model for myself in the future. Also, BTS’s fans, who support and love us without expecting anything in return are awesome and wonderful. I would like to say that they are my role models, my heroes and my everything.”

  What he said tells the essence of heroes of a mythology. First, one is the hero of one’s own and second, a true hero can sacrifice oneself for others with no strings attached2

  Jimin is an artist who heats up the stage with gorgeous moves and beautiful voice. He serves as an inspiring role model for those who love him, and that is how Jimin writes the heroic legend of his own.



1 JELLY 2018年 3月號, 文友舍, TOKYO, Japan
2 Cha, M., Maniacs and Philosophers, p248, Jaeum&Moeum Publishing Co., 2021. Seoul.

Cha Min-joo has got a Ph.D. in Fine Art at Hongik University. She published world’s first book on BTS, Philosophizing About BTS (amazon) in 2017, and Maniacs and Philosophers in 2021. She is currently working as a content producer.  

Translated by Ok Eurom  


* 《Cultura》 2021 November (Vol. 89) *


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